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"Tired Of Being...STUCK?" Excerpt of #1 Best Seller- by Michele Jones


Author, Inspirational Speaker & Certified Strategy  Coach

Michele Ruth Jones primary passion is to inspire and teach women how to break free of the "isms" of life [ the negative, painful self sabotaging voices] so that they can live a life of purpose, fulfill their God given potential and  leave an eternal legacy for the next generation. As a writer, blogger, podcaster and speaker her lessons help women discover  and maximize their hidden God-given treasure to successfully fulfill their unique place in the Body Of Christ!

She is the CSO [Chief Servant Officer] of Mining For GEMS, a  Certified Strategy Coach, a #1 Best Selling author, a Cine Golden Eagle Award-winning inspirational Film Executive Producer, New York City born, a world traveler, a philanthropist, and an in demand speaker. [Speaker Info PDF Sheet]. Her proven G.E.M. system helps countless women organize, clarify and accelerate the execution of their vision.

Michele is a student of LIFE and stays ready with pen in hand to learn from God. With over 30 years of journaled lessons from home, corporate, the non-profit arena, world travels and even the garden, she is known as a practical “Breakthrough Expert.” She has over 30 years experience in successfully selling services for Fortune 100 global corporations, corporate strategic sales, project management, designing training programs, chairing civic and professional associations, coordinating women’s ministry activities, volunteering at women’s shelters, and serving as Lead on local government committees for women’s affairs.

She has a passion to see women fulfill their unique calling past the challenges of life! 

After 20 years as a professional in Corporate America, Michele retired to devote efforts to the vision and development to  see abused women's hearts healed. In 2001 she founded the Time to Fly Foundation (TTF) a faith based non-profit domestic abuse prevention/intervention training program to provide holistic restoration for families.  Michele is well aware of the unique pain of hurting women and their need for practical tools to take them forward into a victorious life. In 2017 she launched Mining For GEMS for women who requested her expertise to confidently launch their vision ventures.

Her diverse background, sense of humor and expertise in overcoming life challenges make her an in-demand Speaker who is invited to share her inspiring life journey and service work on national and local television, radio, at women’s conferences, churches, and business forums.

Michele is an active member of a local church where she serves on various leadership teams. 

Michele Jones is PASSIONATE In her quest to empower women to lift themselves out of the oppression of abuse and to help them realize their God-given potential to conquer every obstacle that is placed in front of them, in order to overcome and be victorious!

Michele has an amazing way of balancing powerful, practical teaching with genuine compassion for people. When I first met Michele in 2003, I generally made personal and professional decisions out of fear. Through the application of sound principles that Michele taught and volunteer opportunities I was afforded with her non-profit organization, she helped me understand the importance of accountability, helped develop my potential and unleashed my leadership abilities.
Today, I am leading and serving an organization of over 300 people. I wouldn’t be able to successfully fulfill this role without the teaching and counseling I’ve received from Michele throughout this journey!

Michele Jones has influenced my life in many ways through her Passionate, Knowledgeable and Authentic teaching! Through gaining my personal self-worth and value from her experiences and Gods Word, I more than doubled my salary, maintained longer, deeper relationships and am living life more fully. Michele Jones has gained respect throughout the world for her ability to be a life changer.

Michele Jones is a dynamic and engaging speaker and coach. Fear and anger held me hostage for over 16 years. The pain I carried left me feeling alone and powerless to live life to my full potential. As first a student and then volunteer under Michele, I learned the truths of who I am, and the principles that transformed me from the inside out. This awakening of my spirit rippled out into my loved ones and community in ways I would never have dreamed of.
Over the years I have worked with and collaborated with Michele on various sized projects. I have experienced her candid passion to coach myself and those around her to promotion. Gleaning from the wealth of her training, gave me the confidence to step out in faith to start my own nonprofit. I will forever be grateful for her authentic inspiring determination to encourage others to change the status quo. Never settle for where you’re at, you can always go higher!

Michele Jones has been a trusted adviser to me since 2001 both personally and professionally. Because of Michele’s extensive corporate background, I was immediately comfortable and confident that she would be able to help me navigate complex business and personal decisions. She has multi-faceted experience in business, non-profit, government, and women’s issues-and has excelled in each field. Her coaching also inspired me to write my first book to help young women regain their esteem! Because of that as a woman leader myself, I thoroughly trust and have benefited from her coaching. Michele really understands how to help other women unleash their own success!



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