OMW...The Count Down Starts...NOW!

#familydrama #holidays Nov 08, 2018

Hmmm---sitting at the kitchen table starting to make the...LISTS!!!

Recipe Lists....Ingredient Lists...Guest Lists...Uggggh, and of course the CLEANING Lists 

Why? Because it's C-O-M-I-N-G!

 What is it?

It’s the... HOLIDAYS!!!

How Do... YOU... Respond During the Holiday Season [ November to January] amid the numerous festivities, endless eating, countless cantatas/recitals, sappy Hallmark movies, sharpening your "Martha Stewart" ninja skills and painful memories of friends/family no longer with us???!
I pray...Don’t let your JOY be stolen this year.
The holiday season can be an emotional ROLLER COASTER for the human heart!  After 40 holidays as an adult,  I have the "great high's and the deep low's" of T-shirts on my wall.
I discussed this "real world" conundrum with my esteemed colleagues, and we were INSPIRED to invite you to "Avoid JOY Theft: 12 Secrets Your Enemy Doesn't Want You To Know About The...
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