One of These Things Is NOT...

 Are you familiar with the children’s song…” One of these things is NOT like the other”?

 I was sitting at the breakfast nook table, sipping my favorite blend of Hazelnut coffee and minding “my own business,” when my heart heard the words…” Share your story so MORE people can be helped.”

My response…God, I do not understand; I do not know what you mean.

“Tell your story in a book; write it so I [meaning GOD] can reach more hearts than your local availability.”

After the shock, disbelief, and mixed feelings of inadequacy AND downright feebleness subsided, I began my quest.

What quest?

The journey of knowledge! I began to research how to author a book. I started reading other stories on how to draft a book.

I journaled about my discoveries.

I cried with friends about what I heard.

I prayed about what God spoke to my heart.

I told my closest friends about it.

Months later, I will tell others what I...

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7 Proven Keys To Spiritual PREGNANCY

callingandpurpose Jun 12, 2022


Like a mom-to-be, I am giddy with my new baby.

You may say---“Congratulations??? But you’re not showing?”

The reality is, I am “heavy with child” on the inside.

My new baby is the slate of creative ideas I am forming for unique processes, projects, and products to help MORE women break-free of self-sabotage mindsets so they may fulfill their God-given goals.

Am I excited? Yes!

Am I scared? Yes!

But I smile as I think of how AWESOME this year is going to be.

I am grateful for the time I have spent formulating these ideas. I am glad that I took the time to make a vision board for this year. My vision board helps to nurture my ideas.

I have my organization plan in place. Now is the time to start developing my new ideas.

God’s timing is always perfect! Is it convenient for us? NO.

Will God’s timing conflict with “your agenda”? YES. [ Just ask Sarah, Mary, and Elizabeth] ...

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