Ssssh No Worries---You're Covered!


My grandfather was born in 1917 and had 17 siblings! Yes, they were farm people and he joked “the children were ideal FREE labor”  :>). 

 With 20 souls in one family, they learned to be grateful and not waste ANY part of the cow and pigs placed before them---as he would say “we ate from the rooter to the tooter”. Yet, ice cream was a rare TREAT for the size of their household.

Years later, my grandparents kept multiple containers of Breyers ice cream in the fridge for our visits. Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Pistachio, Vanilla Cherry--- with STRAWBERRY as my favorite!

Inevitably a younger cousin would eye another’s bowl, compare it to their portion and begin to cry or have a tantrum. The older ones would rush to share their portion with the crying one.

Yet, to the younger ones, I can still hear my grandpa say---

“Hush, why are you crying? Don’t worry---there is MORE than enough!”

And it seemed my grandmom...

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